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Best Micro Compact 9mm for Concealed Carry

The 9mm is King

9mm pistols are the most popular handguns available for good reason. It is easy to carry a decent capacity of bullets, 9mm ammunition is reasonably priced and widely available, there is less recoil than other calibers, and are very effective for self defense. NATO uses it for their standard handgun cartridge as well as American law enforcement.

The one wild card is that due to its popularity, the designs of 9mm handguns are diverse. The 9mm undoubtedly dominates the handgun market. It’s almost unnecessary to consider other calibers but there are people that still do. The diehards for 40 S&W and 45 ACP are out there. There could be an argument made for .357 Sig in theory, but without a doubt 9mm is a champ for a reason.

Gun manufacturers have stepped up their game when it comes to options for that people will actually carry. These days micro size handguns are even easier to concel without giving up comfort and capacity.

As the world climate is becoming more uncertain and unrest becomes more widespread, a wise move is to prepare and train for the chance you may need to defend against a threat.

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TLDR – Top 5 Micro 9mm

The 9mm continues to be the standard for all around pistol caliber that can do well in almost all scenarios. The best concealed carry handguns are small, and run on 9mm caliber – hence the micro 9mm. This new niche of firearms has grown popular these last few years.

The crucial part of a concealed carry weapon is finding something that feels good in your hands. Naturally smaller guns are harder to shoot accurately and comfortably. Which is why training with it is so important.

The other element to choosing a gun for concealed carry is how it actually carries on your belt. A proper IWB holster (inside the waistband) is equally necessary. The gun should be easily concealable under a shirt, jacket, etc without feeling like a burden. Keep in mind it does take some adjustment and experimenting to determine how to best carry and fit within your attire.

Here are our picks of the best micro 9mm handguns currently.

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Ranked Micro 9mm Handguns

Sig Sauer P365

10+1 capacity

Striker fired

Illuminated 3-dot sights

Appx. $500 MSRP

Is the pioneer of the micro compact space and remains very popular.

Springfield Hellcat

10+1 capacity

Striker fired

Illuminated U-dot sights

Appx. $500 MSRP

One of the first guns to be designed for 9mm concealed carry with red dot mounting options.

Glock 43

6+1 capacity

No saftey

Extensive aftermarket options

Appx. $600 MSRP

A great option for people who want all the benefits of micro carry from a reliable brand and simple operation weapon.

Taurus GX4

11+1 capacity

Striker fired

White 3-dot sights

Appx. $400 MSRP

A newer gun to the market with all the right specs on paper and affordability. Time will tell if it can stand out.

Smith & Wesson Shield

7+1 capacity

Striker fired

White 3-dot sights

Appx. $400 MSRP

A classic carry option before micro carry was a thing. But offers lower capacity than other newer guns.

Honorable Mentions

We simply can’t cover every single 9mm pistol for concealed carry. These are a few more guns that are also up there in the conversation.

Beretta APX Carry: great for small hands

Kimber Mako R7: the new kid

Ruger Max 9: a reliable budget option


“The best way to win a fight is to avoid the fight in the first place.”

– Unknown, probably someone smart

It’s great to have so many options to experiment with and determine what fits you best. Ideally you should be proficient with the equipment you’re carrying.

After you have found a handgun that suits you, it time to find the right holster for it. And there are tons more options to choose from, you will inevitably end up buying more than one. A good brand to begin your search for a carry holster is Versacarry.

Which ever option you choose, please take gun ownership as a serious responsibility and train to be a capable protector. To the good guy, a firearm is a shield not a sword.

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