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Best Shooter Games on Cloud Gaming: No Console Required

Got Free Time?

It feels like dads always have something to do, work, and house projects to get done, it never ends. But sometimes there are slots of free time that pop up unexpectedly. In the summertime, usually it’s easier to get out to shoot, go for a run, whatever else. When the weather sucks, work is done, and the family doesn’t need something from you, and you’ve gotten your workout in – maybe it’s okay to bust out some video games.

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No Console, No Problem – Meet Cloud Gaming

Adulting means giving up a lot of things because frankly, responsibilities pile up and take priority. If that describes you then you probably haven’t bought a recent next-gen game console. They just keep getting more and more expensive to justify how little you might actually play.

And then mobile games aren’t quite there yet, especially shooter games. Touch controls don’t come close to an actual controller for evading enemy fire and making precise sniper shots. If you have tried playing Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG on a phone, you’ll know what I mean.

Cloud gaming is allows you to play console games on your phone, tablet, or browser. You do need a bluetooth game controller, or a recent Xbox/Playstation controller works too.

How does Cloud Gaming Work?

Google was the first big name to pioneer into cloud gaming with Stadia, but has since announced they are shutting down. That opens the way for other major platforms to take the stage. Historically, cloud gaming hasn’t been able to stand on its own but it’s now looking like it will be the way of the future. The other top platforms right now are Xbox Game Pass, Playstation Plus, and Amazon Luna. And we can expect manufacturers of mobile devices to roll out new devices with hardware more geared to handling the requirements of cloud gaming.

Each has a different pricing model — usually a subscription paid on a monthly or yearly basis in order to access games. And then some games or expansion packs must be purchased additionally. Think of it like Netflix for games.

Games can be played online through an android phone, tablet, or PC – not Macs or iPhones. Some games will allow you to connect and play multiplayer or co-op modes with other players who are on an Xbox console or PC. It’s pretty straight forward once you create your account and start playing.

Image credit: Xbox

For shooter games, Xbox Game Pass has the best selection of games, and stability and performance in gameplay. Depending on your internet service provider, you might see a smoother experience playing on mobile data than on wifi.

After browsing the game inventory of each cloud gaming service, it’s clear that Ubisoft and EA have been most proactive about bringing their titles to the cloud. Aside from shooting games, you’ll find other popular game titles like Assassins’ Creed and Need for Speed.

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Best Shooter Games on Xbox Game Pass

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

First person shooter with third person HUD.

What to Like: It is meant to be realistic combat, so you can’t take much damage and need to rely on cover and tactics. The weapons are awesome and can be unlocked by finding them rather than grinding for a required level. Aiming down sights and optics feel great and realistic. Plus your squad has your back if you get “knocked down” and can take commands to fight tactically.

An open world in the country of Bolivia looks amazing. From the start, you can go anywhere on entire map, which is full of dusty towns, mountains, jungles, deserts, lakes, and caves. There is at least one Santa Blanca cartel boss in each area, plus multiple hidden weapons and attachments, enemies to interrogate, bases to raid, and more. The customization seems to be just enough to be enjoyable but not too much that it becomes overwhelming to create your character.

The environment really affects how you play a mission and your tactics. Thick areas of vegetation are perfect for guerrilla warfare. Deserts have little or no cover, so utilizing a long range rifle works well. In the mountains, you can climb up to the high ground to attack. And there are plenty of vehicles to drive and fly for travel and gaining advantage on your next mission. This game will keep you busy for a while.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six: Extraction

First person shooter only.

What to Like: Has a reminiscence of the alien mission in Call of Duty Ghosts, but takes takes the operators from Rainbow Six Siege to a fantasy alien invasion type of environment. The gear and weapons handle well and are modern. It’s a great game for in-frequent gamers that don’t need a ton of backstory to get into the action.

This game takes characters from Rainbow Six Seige into a science fiction thriller to fight aliens. The is the most important focus is stealthily eliminating enemy aliens to avoid facing a stampede of more aliens. Missions can be completed in a slow paced strategic pace or you can go loud and welcome all to the mayhem.

Extraction has four zones with 12 primary levels, and all of them are the same mission format. You and your squad airdrop and complete a random selection of three objectives. Then you have the choice to extract or continue another mission for more XP.

If you’re tired of shooting zombies or playing against campers in online matches, this game is a refreshing style of play.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Battlefield V

First person shooter and third person vehicle.

What to Like: A modern game set in WWII that doesn’t re-hash the same old battles. You might remember the Medal of Honor games, but this one takes you to new locations that have been less explored. No red dots and drones here, it takes you back to the old school SMG guns with iron sights.

While the main story campaign is nothing great, Battlefield V is all about the online multiplayer. Unlike Call of Duty where it’s just soldier vs soldier matches, here there are large scale battles with planes, tanks, and other elements. The run and gun approach doesn’t work so well when you don’t know what you’re up against. Though needs to go into limited ammo, health regeneration, and tactical positions.

The game keeps you from camping in any one area for too long, encourages teamwork, and promises a good time if you play towards the mission. The chaos of open battle is immersive with realistic sounds of vehicles and ambience of what is happening around you. WWII fans are bound to enjoy the period aesthetics in modern game quality.

Image credit: EA

Halo Infinite (Single-player Campaign)

First person shooter and third person vehicle.

What to Like: It’s nostalgic while seeing the visuals and expansions of modern gaming. Kind of like going back to high school now that you have more life experience. If you loved playing as Master Chief back on the original Xbox, then this game does justice to a new adventure and sequel that feels familiar.

Return to the roots of the Halo series by playing as Master Chief, except in an open-world map while staying true to the classic gameplay. There’s a lot to do on the open ring, which wasn’t an option in previous Halo games. Your mission is to eliminate the Banished threat. Instead of going from objective to objective, you’ll get to decide how you get it done.

You get to use all of the guns you know and love, vehicles, and gadgets. Some people didn’t enjoy the storyline but the intense firefights are action enough to keep playing. Only the single player campaign is available on cloud right now but the story is not as linear as before. You can make choices along the journey and play side missions to really feel engrained into the game.

Image credit: Microsoft

Star Wars Battlefront II

First person and third person shooter, with first and third person vehicles.

What to Like: This game is best for experiencing the Star Wars universe in first person. As a stand alone shooting game it is not the best. The different classes of clones, droids, heroes, and villains make it enjoyable for fans to put to use force powers against armies of droids. Also turns into a slash fest if you stick to lightsaber combat.

The most immersive Star Wars game to date. While Star Wars doesn’t have the most recognizable guns/blasters because, lightsabers, the game does a decent job of taking space guns into a first and third person shooter. The most memorable part of fighting in this game is the variety of guns, vehicles, and force powers.

The single player campaign has an interesting story that interweaves through the main Star Wars stories and you get to interact with the popular characters. Then you can go to online multiplayer to fight as different factions to run and gun or take the fight to vehicles on a larger scale. This is the closest we can get to swinging a real lightsaber and taking on all kinds of enemies.

Image credit: EA

Far Cry 5

First person shooter, and third person vehicle.

What to Like: As with all Far Cry games, there are missions to complete amid ridiculous chaos. The gun play is exactly right for the game with assault rifles, shotguns, compound bows, and other stuff. The Rocky Mountain scenery is a reason to play just itself, plus taking down a crazy cult leader.

If you’re looking for a game where you can chase down baddies in a pickup truck then turns into a gun fight in the middle of a road and a bear jumps in attacking everyone – you’ll like this game. The weapon customization and variety is great and what you might expect to find around a rural USA locale. This open world map lets you roam free to accomplish the mission of bringing down a cult from taking over a county.

There is plenty of variety in missions and unexpected scenarios around the corner. The story leads you to take down five areas with a respective boss battle. The gun play is realistic but combines with some ridiculous encounters that you must shoot your way out of. There is plenty to do and you can change your method of playing if you ever get bored.

Image credit: Ubisoft

Gears of War 5

Third person shooter.

What to Like: As the sixth Gears of War game, it has all come together to package the best of the series into one game. The means all players are bound to find something they like to fit their play style.

Welcome to a dystopian world full of demons that shoot back and can chainsaw you in half. This game is the end of the Gears of War series, but you don’t necessarily have to have the full story to enjoy the action. You are fighting hordes of monsters in a cover and shoot style from third person. The fantasy setting means your weapons aren’t exactly Glocks and AR15s, instead you’ve got assault rifles with chainsaw attachments and other futuristic guns.

Besides the main campaign there is a wide variety of multiplayer games modes with co-op or competitive formats. The skill tree lets you upgrade to new abilities for a specialized combat style of have a little bit of everything.

Image credit: Microsoft

There You Go – Enjoy

Now you have something to do to pass the time. Maybe these games take you back to the younger years or give you a taste of where gaming is these days. If the writing on the wall continues then we can expect to see more enhanced gaming options coming to mobile and cloud. Not everyone will adopt the full VR gaming experience or jump into the metaverse. This seems to be a convenient way for people to play once in a while without having to drop piles of cash for all the newest hardware.

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