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Crate Club vs Battlbox: The Better Subscription for Survival Gear

Are you Survival Ready?

The apocalypse could be around the corner, are you ready? Even if it isn’t, the world is becoming a scarier place. Somewhere in the world there are near constant occurrences of riots, wild fires, food shortages, hurricanes, and a bunch more.

It makes you think if you are ready for something like that to affect your local area. What supplies do you need to survive? Food, water, flashlights, ammo, a garden…

You probably won’t wake up one day to a World War Z or I am Legend disaster, but it’s wise to be prepared for difficult circumstances that may come unexpectedly. If your local utilities go down, you need to be okay in your house until services are restored or help can get to you. At that point, you are responsible for your well being and survival, and your family’s.

You can always make your own shopping list of emergency supplies and do it yourself. But these cool subscriptions could be a solution to get your preparations started.

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Survival Subscription Boxes

These days you can subscribe to almost anything for a box of the month – shaving kits, dog boxes, meal delivery, trendy clothes, and yes, also boxes of gear for survival/outdoors.

We will look at Crate Club and Battlbox in this comparison.

Whether you want tactical gear or emergency supplies to have on hand, these survival gear subscription boxes are perfect to build up your stock of supplies.

Crate Club

Image from Crate Club

Crate Club might be the top dog for level of quality in the survival and tactical gear subscriptions. They are the real deal because most of their staff is ex-special forces guys that know what quality gear is. They are picking the best of the best items to go into their crates. Each crate is delivered once a quarter, not monthly so it may not come as often as you might like.

What’s included?

 They advertise their crates as high-value items without filler junk. At first glance you see brands in their boxes like Gerber, Bushnell, CRKT, Magpul, Sig Sauer and others. Depending on the level of subscription there are varying types of gear, and of course to get the best, coolest gear you’ll need to subscribe to their General crate. They are pretty transparent about what is included in their past crates so you can get an idea of what you might receive with your next delivery.

Plans & Pricing

Image from Crate Club

Subscriptions with Crate Club are billed quarterly or yearly, with some nice discounts if you choose annual options. And there are three tiers of crates depending on how much gear you want in a delivery. The best value seems be on the General crate with the annual option with $200 off and free shipping. Buying the individual items separately plus shipping and taxes would run quite a bit over the cost of this subscription. The quarterly Lieutenant crate is reasonably priced to test the first time. But if you want the highest quality curated gear, choose the General crate. There is no contract, and subscriptions can be canceled at anytime.

Exclusive Deal

Get 10% off your first delivery from Crate Club with this code – MANCAVE10.


Image from Battlbox

Battlbox works the same way as a typical subscription box. You can subscribe and get your gear delivered, or you can shop for other gear you really want. For example, you can buy this starter kit “a la carte”, or just order specific items that catch your eye. They seem to have quite a bit of variety for sale online which all makes it into a box delivery at some point. Battlbox delivers boxes on a monthly basis.

What’s included?

They are also very transparent about the contents of past boxes. But you are left to wonder what will be coming your way in the next delivery. Looking at past deliveries, there are not many household brand names, except for a few recognizable brands like Peak Refuel meal pouches. And a good majority of the gear seems to be something a person would actually use in the outdoors. You won’t be getting just an assortment of plastic swiss army knives.

Plans & Pricing

Image from Battlbox

Talk about options. They offer 4 different plans with each higher tier also containing the contents of the boxes under it. As you might expect, the more noteworthy brands can be found in the higher tier Pro and Pro Plus boxes.

Prices start at $34.99/month on the low end for anyone that want to take a test drive. It’s great to see the comparison of the total value of a box versus what you pay for it. Which averages out to be about a 58% savings. There are no contacts, and subscriptions can be canceled at anytime. A box like this would also make for a nice gift idea.

TLDR – Summary

Crate Club is the best option for high quality gear that is vetted by real veterans. You can expect to get gear delivered from top name brands. Simple as that.Most outdoor minded people would probably be excited to open a mystery crate from Crate Club as a gift.

This is a great option if you don’t want any cheap budget gear. However, it is delivered only once a quarter so to really build up your supply pile, you might want to buy some specific gear on your own.

Battlbox stands out with its wider variety and option for monthly deliveries. If you’re a gear junkie that wants to open up a surprise of goodies each month, look no further. They do a good job of mixing up the gear every month and sending out gear you can be excited about.

Unless you sign up for the Pro Plus box, you might not get the brand name stuff. But after a few deliveries you will be well on your way to compiling a decent bug out bag.

Final Verdict

So our thoughts – try both. And see what shows up in your mailbox. From there you can decide what subscription suits you best.

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