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An Essential Guide to Manhood Care

TLDR: It is Essential to Care for Your Man Parts

Some men give little thought to the importance of proper care for their man parts. They may not know that they can be at risk for some serious health problems if they don’t take good care of them. Let’s be honest, they are pretty low maintenance but do need some attention in order to prevent potential issues later in life.

Men should consider making a routine to care for their man parts, such as washing them with soap and water, using a mild soap or an unscented cleanser, drying them thoroughly. Until science invents artificial nuts, you only get two original parts. Here are some guidelines for caring for your manhood.

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Basic Rules of Nut Safety

  1. See the Doctor

It sucks, it’s a hassle, but just do it anyway. Get a physical scheduled and let them take a look in the undercarriage. The main thing is to find out if there is anything that needs to be looked at closer. Hopefully everything is fine and you can move on, or you caught it in time to get medical treatment. At least you will know and can be done with it. This website is not official medical advice so consult a medical professional about your personal health.

  1. Protect the Jewels

This goes without saying – it hurts man. Accidents happen and whatnot, so just be smart about what you’re doing and if you think you should wear a cup, wear a cup. Groin protectors are not expensive and can save yourself the pain if ever a hockey puck or someone’s foot comes at you up the middle.

Another important rule that should be universal is to be safe with the ladies. Let’s assume we have all been through SexEd class in school and know the basics. Talk to your lady and be aware of any risks before things get spicy and what’s done is done. Always have a stash of condoms somewhere on hand. This is probably less of concern for married guys but every guys should be smart about their sexual activity. Make choices with your brain, not your hormones.

  1. Give Them Some Space

No one can tell you what to do or not do, but if you can just move away from the skinny jeans. Build some quad muscle and get with some normal pants. In general, anything tight below the belt is not a good idea for comfort, tactically, and looks wise. This applies to underwear, pants, and swimwear, or any other bottom you might wear repeatedly. It’s dark and hot enough down there, by constructing it more you invite the possibility of bacteria, ringworm, and other discomforts. And prolonged wearing of tight fitting clothing around the groin can lead to pinched nerves down there.

Essential Products to Care for Your Nuts


The mission of SAXX is to eliminate the swamp crotch. They use premium materials give your balls with odor control and cooling benefits with fabrics designed for use day after day, wash after wash. Each pair is designed to combat clamminess and dissipate groin sweat away from the skin. They can be worn for day-to-day and athletic activities because of the 4-way stretch that doesn’t bag out.

Their underwear comes in cotton, mesh, silk, and jersey options with tons of prints and designs to choose from. What stands out in their bottoms is the BallPark Pouch that is like a hammock for the boys, SAXX gets it. They also have other stuff like hoodies, sweats, and swim trunks made with nuts in mind.

Image credit: SAXX
Image credit: SAXX


For hygiene, you need two things a way to keep hair under control and wash away the dirty. Ballsy makes all their products in the USA and has pretty much anything you need to clean up down there. The two essentials we recommend are the B2 trimmer and the Ballwash soap. You an also subscribe to get custom boxes with balms, fresh sprays, and wipes.

What’s cool about the B2 trimmer is the two heads – one for the sensitive areas, and the other is the traditional for everywhere else. It’s shower friendly because its water proof, wireless, and of course safe for the boys.

If you care about your skin below the belt then check out Ballwash. It’s full of essential oils, plant extracts that moisturizes. You won’t smell like a bottle of cologne, but actually smell fresh and clean. It has no parabens or sulfates, and totally animal cruelty-free.

Image credit: Ballsy
Image credit: Ballsy


Thank goodness guys were designed to be low maintenance, but you should be aware of potential risks that affect males. Things can get serious and costly when you have to deal with erectile dysfunction, testosterone therapy, infertility or even cancer.

By doing simple things to care for your nuts, keeping good hygiene, and choosing proper clothing you can avoid unnecessary issues relating to your groin. And don’t forget the doctor, make that appointment.

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