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Kaged Supplements Review

Kaged: A Clean Supplement Brand

In recent years more attention has come to tainted supplements and PEDs (performance enhancing drugs). Meet Kaged, a supplement company that is explicit about their commitment to providing clean fitness nutrition and being a trusted name. Many athletes are conscious about avoiding supplements that could have any amounts of banned substances. And most fitness enthusiasts want to feel confident they are consuming pure ingredients for the optimum benefits.

For this review, we will cover the Pre-Kaged Elite pre-workout and the Whey Protein Isolate powder. The guys at Kaged were kind to provide free samples to test out. But the objectivity of this review is not influenced by any compensation.

Over a week of testing these Kaged products went into this review – before, during, and after workouts. The testing consisted of early morning workouts, late night workouts, fasted workouts, 5k runs, and weight sessions.

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Is Kaged Third Party Tested?

At first glance the only reference to the quality level of Kaged is their own page. But researching common certification labels revealed that all of their products are in fact tested and certified by Informed Sport. This certification approves Kaged products to be free of banned substances.

Good supplements are not cheap. Kaged claims to fully dose their formulas with the best ingredients at the optimal ratios to create the best experience possible. They are healthier and taste good without relying on processed sugar or artificial flavors. That’s what anyone wants out of a supplement, and to get the best value out of money spent.

Keep in mind everyone may have different experiences from the same supplement depending on individual tolerances, diets, doses, and other factors.

Kaged Elite Pre-Workout (Glacier Grape)

Informed Sport certification: See Here

All pre-workouts are not created equal. The first time using Pre-Kaged, the biggest noticeable benefit is the slow-burn of energy during an entire (45 min) workout. It also starts to feel kicking in fairly quickly. Beware the Elite version is intense!

Other pre-workouts are a burst of energy and tingling that quickly dissipates or makes you crash shortly into a workout. Kaged seemed to linger post-workout, so tackling longer workout durations is totally feasible with one dose of powder.

The taste was okay. It’s sour and sugary as expected with any pre-workout, but not the best grape flavor out there. It’s not that big of a deal since no one really buys pre-workout mainly for its taste.

It’s also non-GMO, vegan friendly, and gluten free – without any artificial ingredients.

What matters is the sustained energy during a workout and you will get that with Kaged. This pre-workout contains Creatine so it’s a good idea to eat a hearty meal, and really hydrate after a workout to avoid dizziness or nausea. Pre-workouts tend to amplify a crash but that can be avoided by water intake and a full stomach. Kaged did not produce any negative side effects.

The actual formula is packed with so many ingredients, all good, that it makes it well worth the money just on that. It contains a ton of Vitamin B6 and B12, plus other really great ingredients like electrolytes, L-Citrulline, Betaine Anhydrous, L-Carnitine, Taurine, L-Tyrosine, and Huperzine A. You can expect a good pump and focus during a weight training session.

The one golden nugget in the label is “elevATP“. Which is likely the culprit to the sustained energy benefits. ElevATP is ancient peat and apple extract, which seems like an odd ingredient to provide longer lasting energy. Studies have shown results showing increased cardiac function, neurotransmission, blood flow, and muscle contraction. If it works, it works, right?

Other Pre-Workout Variations

Kaged offers the following pre-workout products:

  • Pre-Kaged Elite – All-in-one formula with more ingredients and higher doses and high stimulant.
  • Pre-Kaged – Original formula with lower doses and vegetable ingredients.
  • Pre-Kaged Stim Free – Original formula without caffeine.
  • Pre-Kaged Sport – Lower doses with moderate to low stimulant.

These are variations built for different needs and fitness levels. Small frames and beginners to fitness should probably start with the original Pre-Kaged or Sport.

The Elite packs a punch. While it may not be the most hardcore pre-workout out there, it does great providing high energy, focus, and pump.

Whey Protein Isolate (Chocolate)

Informed Sport certification: See Here

The tub looks like most others but it is deceptively heavy. Which is explained when opening the paper seal the powder nearly reaches the top opening. A tub contains about 40 servings, Kaged is not in the business of selling air – great first impression.

The serving cup is standard sized and the powder mixes really well. Even in whole milk, there are very very little clumps of powder in the corners of the mixer bottle. You won’t need a blender to get a good consistency in your shake with this powder. A regular blender bottle with milk or water really is enough to mix a dense, frothy shake.

This powder stands out firstly because of the taste – very chocolatey and sweet. But it has zero total sugars, and the 120 calories with 25 grams of protein per serving is very acceptable.

The whey protein is advertised as “stomach friendly’, and it is. There was no gas, bloating, or liquified potty runs in the hours after consuming a full serving. The extra sprinkles of calcium, potassium, and sodium are just gravy on top. This is a very pure protein with awesome taste and quantity.

If you are not convinced, then check out our other picks of top whey protein supplements. However, Kaged is a hard one to beat when it comes to pure dense protein, taste, and quantity you get. No fillers here.

Cons of Kaged

It’s clear that Kaged offers many types of supplements – proteins, pre-workouts, BCAAs, and others. However, it can be confusing for first time users to quickly understand the differences between variations of the same type of supplement. The addition of clearer purposes or differentiations between products would be helpful for shoppers to make easier decisions.

Final Thoughts

While Kaged does not have as large of a marketing machine as other brands, the products are legitimate to what is advertised. If you are looking for supplements with a higher level of pureness and value, look no further. This is a great supplement company for anyone that wants to avoid strong side effects, banned substances, and get top quality in return for their dollars.

Go see for yourself!

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