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QALO: Men’s Silicone Ring Review

Silicone Ring Pioneer

Meet the OG of silicone rings – QALO. We review a silicone ring to see if the hype is real. This company was founded in 2013 to give people options to wear rings comfortably (and safely) in all activities of everyday life. At first, the rings were meant to be wedding bands and they have now expanded to rings of all types.

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The idea of a silicone rings accomplishes these goals:

  • avoid the hassle of removing and putting on a ring for various activities
  • wear a ring that is comfortable for all types of activities
  • always have a symbol of your commitment on hand (pun intended)
  • not worry about scratching objects, losing valuable diamonds or metals, or finger injuries

With a ring like this, you won’t need to choose between comfort and safety, and you will probably forget you are wearing it. Silicone rings from QALO are durable, flexible, and lightweight. Anyone with a semi-active lifestyle will enjoy wearing these rings on a daily basis. Their designs look pretty good that you might consider never going back to traditional rings.

By the way – QALO is an acronym for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors.

Image credit: QALO

They are a company with a conscious about the environment – all QALO silicone is 100% recyclable. Since most curbside recycling rarely accept silicone-based products, they teamed up with TerraCycle to create a free recycling program. If this is an important topic to you, simply send ANY silicone product to QALO and it will be recycled properly.

Testing and Review

QALO was kind to send a free ring to test drive, however the objectivity of this review is not influenced by any compensation.

The testing period included a full spectrum of everyday activities for a week. This included but was not limited to – daily workouts with weights, boxing and Jiu Jitsu sessions, showers (hot and cold), hand washing, cooking, yard work, changing diapers, and sleeping. All without removing the ring at all, except in the beginning to see how it fit.

These rings are for anyone that is inclined to wear a ring. They are especially convenient for people that are hard on their hands daily.

The specific ring used for this review was the Narrow Polished Step Edge Silicone Ring.

Looks good on, right?

Image credit: QALO

Potential Risks

Metal rings pose a risk of injury or discomfort. People have de-gloved their fingers or needed amputations because of rings that got in the way, or kept their finger in the way. You can google that if you want – NSFW.

Here are some common scenarios that are a nuisance, you may have experienced some of these:

  • pinching skin when grabbing weights or pull-up bars.
  • getting your hand stuck in tight spaces.
  • rubbing and blistering during rock climbing.
  • catching a ledge with your ring.
  • pain when closing your fingers together.
  • discoloration from metals.
  • scratches and scuffs from long term wear.

QALO Torture Test & Performance

Putting on and removing the ring is simple enough. Because it is silicone there is a naturally grippy texture which is nice. If your ring is sized correctly to your finger there should be some friction but not to where it gets totally stuck. The idea of a ring like this is to not worry about taking it off many times, so as long as it is not slipping around on your finger you should be good to go.

From an arm’s length it is hard to tell if a (dark colored) ring is metal or silicone. At least my wife didn’t notice until I showed her the ring, so let’s count that as a positive. That is a selling point for some guys.

Temperature seems to be non-issue, both hot and cold showers didn’t have any effects. And it’s unlikely that anyone will have their hands in temperatures more extreme than showers can be. Silicone does not conduct electricity, so it is a good option for mechanics and electricians.

In martial arts, this ring really shined. Jiu Jitsu people are extra cautious about rolling without jewelry because they are extra prone to getting pinched or caught. The ring is virtually not there because it bends and twists as needed. In extreme cases it might get ripped off your finger without hurting you.

And with boxing gloves, it was the same. Definitely never punch a bag while wearing a metal ring. Because your hand is compressed tight inside a boxing glove, the impact can painfully jolt the metal ring and even break your finger. With this ring there is just zero risk of a hand injury. Wrapping the hand was easy enough and punching a bag felt no different than without any ring on.

Basically, these rings are water-resistant, fireproof, and even mildew-resistant. Water beads off the ring, which is great for people who do water sports or swim. There is no odor that creeps in from extended wear or exposure to elements. Low maintenance for the win.

Cons of Silicone Rings

Lint tends to stick to the ring throughout the day. But honestly washing your hands cleans it right up. Pet owners might notice this more.

Silicone rings are not flashy. If you are one of those people that needs bling, keep moving. These rings are meant to be functional and usually come in matte colors.

Features & Specs of QALO Rings

Sizes range from 3 – 16 in different widths. If you don’t now your size, they have an easy guide to help you out.

QALO rates their rings to be able to withstand about 46 lbs. of tension before breaking. Who knows what kind of accident looks like to reach that. But it seems like the sweet spot to be durable enough to last a long time yet the material will break to prevent an injury to you.

Image credit: QALO

QALO offers a forever warranty for a one-time, anytime replacement. Meaning if your ring ever rips, tears, or breaks, it will be replaced for free. However, not if it’s lost or stolen.

Ring purchases can be returned and refunded within 30 days, or exchanged within 60 days.

Military and first responders can get 15% off by verifying their ID via the QALO website.

Conclusion: To Buy or Not To Buy a QALO Ring?

All in all, it’s comfortable, and that’s the most important quality. They don’t look all that different from other minimalist metal rings. The rings are hypoallergenic and the medical grade silicone allows it to stretch or break if the ring is catches on anything, rather than breaking your finger off. There is no need to worry about the ring bending because it bounces back to the original circle shape.

So yes, try at least one ring. Even if you prefer to keep wearing metal rings, you can still have a silicone ring as a back up. At the price of $20-$40, that’s not bad at all compared to several hundred dollars for a precious metal ring. They would even make a great gift for someone.

Our Top Picks

With so many options from QALO, you can have several rings to fit your mood or outfit depending on the day. Here are some of their ring designs we think you might like:


For the gym & everyday wear.

Polished Step Edge

For formal occasions.

Image credits: QALO


For hunting & outdoors.

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