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How to Keep Your Ammo Stocked Up

Ammo Economics 101

The Covid-19 pandemic and riots created 2 million new gun owners in the USA. And the next purchase for those people is bullets. But finding ammo was a problem.

That’s a lot of demand for bullets to feed all those new guns. We saw empty store shelfs and purchase limits almost overnight. Ammo prices at local stores and online suppliers shot up to ridiculous levels. A box of 50 rounds of 9mm FMJ could have sold for $1.50 per round or more! That’s about $60 per box.

If you could manage to snag anything from online retailers, their time to ship was a usually a few weeks delayed. And everything was on back order, even less common calibers like .22-250.

It definitely made everyone think twice about going to the range.

A lot of people turned to reloading, but that wasn’t any better if you didn’t already have components stocked up. Dry fire practice was talked about more in the gun community and private sellers gouged desperate buyers for profit. You might recall seeing ads for mobile apps that connected the gun to a phone for virtual dry practice.

Supply and price has leveled out some by the end of the lockdowns, but it was a good reminder of how precious of a commodity ammo can be.

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Then There was Politics

To make things less favorable for gun owners, at the time of writing this the House of Representatives recently passed the H.R. 1808 bill to ban more weapons.

Dick’s Sporting Goods and War-Mart haven’t carried 9mm or 5.56 calibers for some years now.

And the media seems more intent on putting out more coverage of mass shootings.

California has billboards to dissuade people from moving to Texas because of the Uvalde mass shooting. Yet California, the most “gun controlled” state has historically the highest number of school shootings.

Police are being defunded and they simply can’t respond in time to defend a victim of violence. MMA and Jiu Jitsu schools are booming, and the smart people are getting trained to use their firearms.

Things are getting backwards in the world, but people are waking up to the idea of their personal protection.

So how much ammo does a person need?

As much as they can get.

Meet Ammo Squared

AmmoSquared allows you to buy ammunition but keep it stored until needed. This way you have a backup supply for when you need it most. You can make contributions over time and ship your accumulated ammunition right to your door whenever you like.

This is a new way to keep ammo on hand and lined up for delivery when your inventory start to run low. Think of it as an “ammo piggy bank” that you can fill with the caliber(s) you want, on a budget and schedule that fits your needs. Part subscription, part savings account for ammo.  

A gun safe is only so big, so Ammo Squared will store your ammo until your ready to have it on-hand.It’s like having ammo stashed away in your Venmo account until it’s ready to be transferred to your checking account. No need to go looking around at stores when you are running low.

Image from Ammo Squared

The Benefits of Ammo Squared

  • Factory New Variety: They do all the leg work for finding ammo. Customers can sign up for a caliber and purpose (but not a bullet weight or brand) and receive a variety of name brand factory ammunition that fits their needs.
  • Buy in Small Increments: Customers set aside a small amount of money on a weekly or monthly basis (that fits their budget) to accumulate ammunition over time. Essentially a digital piggy bank that goes towards ammo.
  • Stored Until Needed:  Ammo is stored in their secure, climate controlled facility until customers are ready for it. Ammo is also rotated with fresh stock so customers always receive new ammunition. 
  • Auto Ship + Free Shipping: Automatic shipping triggers allow customers to store their ammo until a  predetermined amount based on value,  round count, or time (months). They can also ship manually any time. Free shipping is offered at $250 – which is also the most popular shipping trigger.

These are the four main benefits that tend to resonate most with subscribers, but Ammo Squared offers many more features than this.

You can also stock ammo for different purposes such as hunting, self-defense, practice, etc. They are a great supplier for sourcing a blend of quality ammo.

They only sell factory new ammo, so need to worry about getting reloaded ammo. PMC is their main supplier for popular calibers (223, 9mm, 45 ACP, etc), among other well known brands.

The prices breakdown to be very reasonable and lower than most retail stores. And there is no contract so you can pause or cancel the subscription whenever from the dashboard settings.

They also can ship ammo to almost every state, however some states have special requirements that must be followed, such as providing identification or shipping to an FFL dealer (CA only). So just be sure you know what your state’s laws are.

Final Thoughts

If you are a shooter constantly searching for ammo in stock, Ammo Squared is a nice solution. It’s a very cool concept and actually useful. Your pocketbook will thank you because it removes the impulse buying each time you drop by the store. With the subscription you can monitor your “balance” and buy ammo at a rate that you actually need it.

But don’t let anyone tell you how to buy your ammo. Do both – get your store bought ammo and have your stockpile with Ammo Squared.

If another ammo shortage comes, you will be better prepared with more ammo available to you.

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